Recently Andy in our team met Safia Qureshi, the founder of CupClub™. Trackable, reusable cups that make disposable cups a thing of the past. Pretty smart!


Over 14 million disposable cups are being used in the UK on a daily basis, however we have seen through our work with Canary Wharf how people want to change their habits for the better. A whopping 25% of coffee is drunk in the workplace or in education spaces. You might think that it’s easy for people to use their own mugs a work, but our behaviour has changed.

We pick up a coffee on the way in to work. We take into meetings. We move to the next meeting. We pop out for lunch and grab another coffee to ‘keep us going’. CupClub™ is helping huge groups of people to use their cups, and they are managing the cleaning, transport and management in the most eco-friendly way. After they are cleaned, they can then be reused up to 100 times.


It isn’t only workplaces - airports (Most people do not bring reusable cups to an airport — meaning that Gatwick has to dispose of seven million paper cups annually), universities, festivals, even cities can benefit.

CupClub™ is our Sustainable Hero this month because:

  • It disrupts the status quo and switches up how we consume

  • It’s a circular economy come to life (they won the 2017 Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize - pretty amazing)

  • The product itself is a step-up from disposable cups - CupClub™'s service uses only half the CO2e of disposbles and ceramics (including PE lined, sytrofoam and compostable PLA).

  • There are four times as many coffee shops today in the UK as there were in the year 2000 and one in five of us visits a coffee shop every day. It’s true innovation that doesn’t ignore how we consume - but makes it better.

  • CupClub™ has a return rate of 97%!

  • UK recycling would have to increase from 1% to 84% to be more efficient than CupClub™

We must make our cities cleaner and more efficient spaces, whilst continuing to be able to enjoy the convenience of food and drink on the go.
— Safia Quershi (Founder)

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