Unravelling years of investment in factory machinery and a sometimes complex supply chain IS happening in the grocery industry (we see it everyday!).

Using a piece of packaging for only a few minutes and then disposing of it is not how we want the world to be. Ideally, packaging would be durable, we would look after it and refill it. However we are not there yet, so in the meantime, we get SUPER excited when we see brand new packaging innovation. Often this is by new brands, as they are small enough to innovate and have the freedom to go for it. This is what we have seen lately:

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🍉 @lickalix: new ice lollies in plant-based compostable packaging made from sustainable wood pulp

* We can’t quite see on the pack if it instructs the lolly eater to dispose of the packaging in the food waste bin vs the general waste. Decomposes within 12 weeks, and will be marine compostable which means that it will organically decompose if it ends up in the ocean (doesn’t say if its safe for marine life)

Quick tip: compostable packaging shouldn’t end up in landfill as it emits methane when decomposing, you need a food waste bin.  

🍑 Solero: multipacks will be sold in a recyclable cardboard box with compartments, preventing the need for individual plastic wrappers. The box is made from a specially-designed polyethylene-coated cardboard meaning it has been approved to be widely recycled in the UK.

💦 When it comes to water, we totally get that we can drink from the tap, we all have reusable bottles here at Veris and refill when we can. BUT we do need the option to buy water on the go, and it is needed for emergencies. We’re most impressed by two water brands:

CanO Water: one of the key issues with aluminium can alternatives to plastic is the they are not resealable. Introducing CanO Water - resealable and recyclable. Available in many retailers. 

Choose Water - Brand new innovation - 100% plastic-free, biodegradable water bottles made entirely from sustainable naturally derived materials which will only take a few months, instead of a few centuries, to degrade. They’re working with Sky Ocean Ventures - not available yet.

🍎 YES! Snacks fruit and nut based bars are now wrapped in recyclable paper made from sustainable sources. The team at Nestle said it had to overcome 90 challenges to develop the material and adapt current machinery and processes to handle the product more gently in 10 months. They can’t roll it out across other products just yet. 

👕 Smol laundry detergent and dishwash tablets are super-concentrated, cheaper, use fewer chemicals, are delivered through the letter box, come in 90% recycled plastic which can be returned to the brand for reuse or can be recycled. Eliminates large plastic bottle use!

Have you spotted anything, or are you working on a project that you’d like to share? Email us and let us know!

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