It was a pleasure to attend the Ocean Conservation APPG new strategy and pledge launch last week with our clients Cranswick plc and Canary Wharf Group. 


It was inspiring to be with some of the country’s most dedicated ocean optimists in the call for better protection for our sea. 

The launch of the strategy, co-developed by marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage, comes shortly after the Government’s own research found that the UK has only met four out of 15 indicators required for healthy oceans. 

 SAS urges you to ask your MP to stand up for the ocean to create faster action here

  • on global heating

  • on plastic pollution

  • to protect areas of our ocean

We have seen the effectiveness of parliamentary laws.  For example, the 5p bag charge has prevented at least 15 billion single-use plastic bags from entering the environment, and water quality legislation has dramatically improved coastal water quality. 

The climate emergency is upon us. The plastic pollution crisis is real. The pressures on marine life are unprecedented.